Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day

Hello friends,
My, haven't we had a run of good weather.  There is a little guilt when I say that because while the west has huge fires because of the drought, and the south is flooded due to all the rain, el nino brings us great weather.  I have been spending most free time outdoors raking and pruning and getting the yard looking nice.  The hardy spring flowers (the ones that grow in spite of my efforts not because of them) are making their appearance. 

As well the mosquitos that drove me indoors this evening.  Not to worry because I got a chance to finish the cards I started Thursday.  The Cardologists played with sponging inks on glossy paper.   Usually my "pieces" end up in the drawer until inspiration strikes, but today, I was on a roll.


On the first card, we had punched the Stampin Up pansy punch and used it as a mask to sponge distress inks.  Mine was a little plain even after stamping a center, so I cut it up, added a vine and a butterfly from Stampin Up Papillon.   The second was a 1-1/8 inch circle.  It is a little small because I kept forgetting to sponge inward and landed off the side of the mask.  Some booboos I could cover up; some had to be cut off.  I borrowed the stamp from Lola so I can't remember the company. Today  some scraps of paper to match; assorted punches and sentiment by Stampin Up,  et voila. 

Tomorrow I will go to the cemetery as it is Memorial Day. However, you spend your day, I hope you get an opportunity to pause and remember.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Coincidentally I also made cards out of my pieces. Maybe I will post them later... Love how yours came out!