Monday, June 13, 2016

Furry Friends

Surprise, I'm back.   I had cataract surgery last month and silly me, I asked for far vision.  That's great for walking around and driving without glasses, however, it is not great for stamping.  The good news is that with new glasses I will be able to get my mojo back.  In the meantime I am making due with a pair of reading glasses/computer glasses I got from the drugstore.

And I am just in time to enter a challenge at Impression Obsession entitled 'furry friends'.  Now they have some great kitties and bunnies that are very friendly, furry animals, however, they are not what I was looking for to make a Father's Day card.

So, although you do not normally think 'deer' when you hear furry, they do have fur.  With that, I am using the Impression Obsession Whitetail Deer.I mounted it on the inside showing through a diecut oval on the outside.

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